Electric Cooker Installations

Electric cooker installations

The use of electric appliances has markedly increased during the last decade. Today’s modern and well-equipped Electric Cooker Installation
kitchen is incomplete without a number of electric appliances in it. It’s no wonder that the number of kitchen accidents has also increased in UK because of appliances that are not quite up-to-the-mark or have been installed by non-professionals or DIY enthusiasts. Many modern cookers are connected to a cooker outlet, if a cooker outlet point is already installed in the kitchen. But other properties might require the electric cooker outlet to be “hard wired”. Apart from having a local means of isolation, the current load of a new cooker circuit should also be checked against the rating of the circuit breaker. To avoid potential accidents, this sort of technical work should be performed only by a professionals. Many companies charge way too much for installation services, which is why many people try to do the installation themselves – and risk their safety. There is a solution: Assured Electrical Solutions are fully qualified electricians that can connect your electric cooker oven or hob both safely and professionally.

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