House Rewire

House Rewires Cardiff And Barry

A house electrical rewire is when an electrician replaces some, or possibly all of the electrical wiring of a house. An House Rewire Cardiff And Barryelectrical rewire will often constitute not just a rewire, but will also add, remove, or replace electrical items (i.e. electrical sockets, fuse boards, light switches) Assured Electrical Solutions Cardiff And Barry are very experienced in this type of electrical work. All properties will need to be rewired over time. If you currently own a property, or are looking to buy a property that is more than 25-35 years old, the likelihood is that it will need to have an electrical rewire. As time goes on the electrical cabling gets worn and will need upgrading in order to avoid a potential fire hazard. An electrical rewire will also bring the property up to current regulations and safety standards, and can save money on bills. Of course, it may be possible that it is unknown when the property was last rewired; so electrical testing of your wiring is something that should be considered, particularly if you are contemplating purchasing a property.

What Is Involved?

There are two ways to electrically rewire a house, flush or surface installation. Surface installation is the method where the cables are hidden within plastic casing or trunking that is fixed to the ceilings or walls. The alternative method is flushing; this is the more permanent method. Cables are flushed into the properties walls by removing the plaster, inserting the wiring and then re-plastering after. It all depends on the choices of the occupiers, as it will depend on how much redecorating they will need to carry out after the rewire. Next it will be time to install the electrical sockets, switches and accessories and then once all the circuits have been installed it is necessary to carry out an electrical test. This is to make sure you newly fitted circuits comply with the current regulations and safety standards.

What Will Need To Be Discussed?

We will help you with the location of sockets, and additions/removals of light and any other electrical accessories. It would also be wise to decide if you plan on having an extension over the next few years, as this rewire could last the rest of your time spent in the house. These requests will be taken into account with the fire safety, accessibility, and energy efficiency all taken into account.

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